Karen Grigoryan

Karen Grigoryan


  • Year:2018-2019
  • Client:Me
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This is a test app that was first created in 2018 with the help of freelancers. At that time I was thinking of starting an agency on Upwork. The idea was to see if I can hire and manage freelancers successfully before I take on real projects. So I thought up an app for an imaginary organisation where managers can ping their subordinates with push notifications to see if they have any problems. I hired a graphic designer, a backend developer, and an Android developer. The iOS app I created myself to save money. The experiment was a success. Later I started an agency which was called Square Apricot (I used the logo of my agency in the app, as you can see). We did a couple of real projects successfully. But in terms of money an agency based on hiring freelancers was not sustainable, so I had to close it.

Later in 2019 I used this app to learn React Native. I basically recreated entire app in React Native.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a link to download the app, because it was never published as it was just a test project.

This test app has a future though. I’m planing to restart my agency but this time with an in-house team. I think I will use this app as a learning material for my junior developers.